13: "Jeremy Zuckerman - The Legend of Korra" by Song Exploder

Our thirteenth podcast episode of the week: Jeremy Zuckerman – The Legend of Korra by Song Exploder.

I always imagined writing and producing music to be this magical procedure, which for me also involved not being too interested in how it was made, somehow being afraid that taking songs apart might ruin them.

It doesn't. Song Exploder lets musicians talk, seemingly uninterrupted, about how they made one of their songs, and the podcast lead to my rediscovery of Spoon, and the one with Jeremy Zuckerman was so beautiful that I had to cry. Which I often do, admittedly, while listening to  good podcasts. And this is one good podcast.

And yes, I've written Sound Exploder in the picture, but it's 35°C (95°F) outside and I can't think anymore. Sorry.

12: "Professionalität" von Sanft & Sorgfältig

Unsere zwölfte Podcast-Episode der Woche: Professionalität von Sanft & Sorgfältig.

Olli Schulz liefert die authentischste Angepisstheit in deutschen Medien, Jan Böhmermann das kultivierteste Frotzeln. In ihrem Podcast, Sanft & Sorgfältig, plaudern sie beim sonntäglichen Tee, schweifen professionell ab, springen von Tiefgründigem zu Profanem in Sekunden. Eine unserer Lieblingsepisoden: "Professionalität" mit Gast Matthias Brandt.

Die Episode findet sich hier.

11: "moralisch verkümmert" von Methodisch Inkorrekt

Unsere elfte liebste Podcast-Episode der Woche: Folge 44: moralisch verkümmert, von Methodisch Inkorrekt.

Höchste Zeit für eine deutschsprachige Podcast-Episode der Woche! Methodisch Inkorrekt veröffentlichen zweiwöchentlich über zwei Stunden dauernde Monster der naturwissenschaftlichen Unterhaltung - wer in den Genuss von Doktorandenbashing, hervorragend erklärten Wissenschaftsartikeln und einem gut geschärften kritischen Blick kommen möchte: Hier isses! Alles. Nur die Vorhersagen von Nobelpreisen sind, von der bisherigen Trefferstatistik ausgehend, mit etwas Vorsicht zu genießen. Diese Episode war die erste, die Dennis hörte - es ist schwer, eine einzelne liebste zu nennen aufgrund der Vielzahl an Themen pro Episode.

Die Episode findet sich hier.

10: "Cold read" by The Truth

Our tenth favourite podcast episode of the week: Cold read by The Truth.

The Truth are brilliant at doing radio drama and really unique in their style. Featuring a Magritte-ish not-pipe in their logo, they tell twisting and twirling stories so intense that they even could be true. This story is about a psychic trying a pickup routine on a girl in a bar. 

Find the episode here.


9: "The Secret History of Thoughts" by Invisibilia

Our favourite podcast episode of the week: The Secret History of Thoughts by Invisibilia.

The two hosts, Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller, have been part of the This American Life and Radiolab staff and host this new series about all things invisible. This first episode of theirs is briliant, telling the story of a man gripped by violent thoughts, and explore how various psychologists make sense of his experience. They also introduce you to a man trapped inside his head for 13 years with thoughts as his only companion.

You can find the episode here.

8: "Death Mask" by Radiolab

Our favourite podacst episode of the week is: Death Mask by Radiolab.

Near the end of the 19th century, a mysterious young woman with a beguiling smile turned up in Paris. She became a huge sensation. She also happened to be dead. You'd probably recognize her face yourself. You might have even touched it. Join fellow science podcasters Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich on this chilling journey!

You can find the episode here.

7: "What You Don't Know About Online Dating" by Freakonomics

Our favourite podcast episode for this week: What You Don't Know About Online Dating by Freakonomics.

A sexy take on economics sounds unlikely? Well, then listen to this highy entertaining episode of "Freakonomics": An economist’s guide to dating! You’ll hear tips on building the perfect dating profile, and choosing the right site. You’ll learn what you should lie about, and what you shouldn’t. Also, you’ll learn just how horrible a person can be and, if attractive enough, still reel in the dates. Fun times!

You can find the episode here

6: "Razzle Dazzle" by 99% Invisible

Our favourite podcast episode for this week: Razzle Dazzle by 99% Invisible.

Roman Mars did inspire us to start our own podcast, and he heavily inspires our style of production. Why is 99% Invisible so incredibly good? They talk about things you never considered to be worth thinking about and show you that they, in fact, are. Every show seems to be a statement that everything can be interesting if you look at it closely. The episode Razzle Dazzle is about camouflage, “a flock of sea-going Easter eggs” and hiding in plain sight.

You can find the episode here.


4: "Harper High School" Part 1&2 by This American Life

Our favourite podcast episode for this week: Harper High School, Part 1 & 2, by This American Life.

Imagine going to a school where "last year alone 29 current and recent students were shot. […] We went to get a sense of what it means to live in the midst of all this gun violence, how teens and adults navigate a world of funerals and Homecoming dances." This American Life is named by some to be the queen and/or king of all podcasts, and this is one of their finest shows.

Find the two episodes here and here.

3: "I'm still alive" by The Memory Palace

Our favourite podcast episode for this week should come with a warning for being extremely grim. And well-written. But grim. Dennis had to shed some tears only thinking about the episode yesterday. Our favourite podcast episode for this week is I'm still alive by The Memory Palace.

Nate diMeo's The Memory Palace is a splendid, almost cinematic podcast. His episodes are quite short, but intensely concentrated. We recommend his halloween episode "I'm still alive", presenting stories about a time when medicine sometimes was wrong in declaring people dead.

Find the episode here.

2: "Ross and Carrie Get Some Exorcise: Teenage Exorcist Edition" by Oh No! Ross and Carrie

Our favourite podcast episode for this week: Ross and Carrie Get Some Exorcise: Teenage Exorcist Edition by Oh No! Ross and Carrie.

Join Ross and Carrie of Oh No, Ross and Carrie! The Podcast as they investigate the very strange and twisted world of Bob Larson and exorcism. Feeling down, had bad things happen to you? Well, you just may have a demon. Beware of bible-hitting. This podcast and especially this episode is extremely good on a scale completely unrelated to goatsperm.

Find the episode here.

1: "Big Jim and Smokey Joe" by Strangers.

Our favourite podcast episode for this week: Big Jim and Smokey Joe by Strangers (one of the many brilliant Radiotopia podcasts.)

A Hollywood waitress, a former bomber pilot, and a retired railroad engineer from the Midwest embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This is one of our favourite podcast episodes of all time. Let's be frank: Statistics says that with that many people on earth it is very likely for seemingly very unlikely things to happen, and if those things are heart-warming, funny and unexpected, they have to reported on a radio show.

Find the episode here.


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