A Song of Heroes and Murderers

Game of Thrones fans, this is for you! Because it'll get bloody. And treacherous. We take a look at the German epic "The Song of the Nibelungs" and try to untangle the mess of love, hate, betrayal and war that it contains. And we'll look at one of the first baddies in German literary history: Hagen of Tronje, who seems to be all sorts of things: loyal vasall, treacherous schemer and ruthless politician (GOT character comparisons in the comments are welcome, btw). Tune in!

Music by Fasan, Kevin McLeod, Paul Arden-Taylor, Elizabeth Wright & Malcolm Peake, Maurice Ravel played by Luis Sarro, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Scott Holmes, Chris Zabriskie, Guillaume de Machaut, Franz Liszt, Kelly Latimore, Kai Engel and Pierce Murphy. All songs can be found here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon! It would mean a lot to us.

Image: Hagen von Tronje im Nibelungenzyklus, Marmorpalais Potsdam. (CC-BY-SA von viborg~commonswiki / Wikipedia)

Gone with the Inertia

We're back in the wind canal, on the rotor blade, on the wings of change, so to speak. We continue to tackle wind energy and the mysterious inertia (cue to Dennis singing creepily in the backgorund) with Professor Simon Hogg of Durham University. Hang your coat in the wind! (We think that saying only works in German, but we're not sure.)

Music by The Fish Who Saved the Planet, Dennis Schulz, Chris Zabriskie, Frederic Chopin played by Zuzana Šimurdová. Final song: fasan - The Last Watch. Also: a sound effect by Mike Koenig. The Science Pie title is still based on a song by Vienna Ditto. Find all the tracks we used here. Produced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. Photo by Lawrence Murray/flickr (CC-BY).

The Wind in the Wheels

We all need electricity. It's something we often don't even think about - we just switch the laptop on or plug our phone charger in. But electricity has to come from somewhere - and ideally it should be environmentally friendly. So is wind energy the solution we've all been waiting for? How eco-friendly is it, really? Join us and professor Simon Hogg from Furham University when we find out.

Music by Scott Holmes, David Mumford, Rachmaninow played by Vadim Chaimovich and Chris Zabriskie. A sound by GoGo. Find all the tiles used here. Please rate us on iTunes! Photo by pastitio/flickr (CC-BY).

That side of the horizon


This is part 2 of our episode on black holes - again with Chris Done from Durham University! We recommend listening to the first one, "This side of the horizon", first. In this episode: Stephen Hawking! Black holes of all sizes, supermassive, tiny, you name it! Collisions of black holes! Huge detectors to detect gravitational waves! And mouse droppings. Of course. We hope you enjoy it!

Music by Malaventura, Rest You Sleeping Giant, Chris Zabriskie, Kai Engel, Vienna Ditto, Simon Mathewson and Pyort Il'yich Tchaikovsky. A complete list of all the tracks used in our episodes can be found here. Prouduced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC-BY).

Death, Villains and hormones

As on Christmas Eve, we now present (get it?) to you: the second crossover episode with our friends from Outside of a Dog! We talk about everyone's favourite wizard, death, villains and hormones in the wizarding world. Like death, this episode will get you, whether you subscribe or not. Do you want to lick it? (Listen in to understand)

You can find all episodes of Outside of a Dog on their website, www.outsideofadogcast.com. Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York (CC-BY).

You're a phenomenon, Harry!

If you want to escape the holiday madness, here's our first crossover episode with the literature podcast "Outside of a Dog" who very kindly invited us as guests for this episode full of witchcraft and wizardry. We drank butterbeer (a 16th century recepy) and discussed themes of this beloved book series. Tune in and be happy that your family at least aren't the Durselys, or so we hope (sorry, Harry.)

Produced by our friends of "Outside of a Dog". You can find them here.

Photo: Les Haines / flickr (CC-BY).

Us and our mistakes

Our fourth advent episode: Bloopers! Slip-ups! Gaffes! Goof-ups! Bumblers! We're not a live podcast and therefore can just cut stuff that didn't work out. Here's some of that stuff.

Music by Malaventura. All the music is to be found here. Produced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. Photo: Christian Schirner / flickr (CC-BY-SA).