Gone with the Inertia

We're back in the wind canal, on the rotor blade, on the wings of change, so to speak. We continue to tackle wind energy and the mysterious inertia (cue to Dennis singing creepily in the backgorund) with Professor Simon Hogg of Durham University. Hang your coat in the wind! (We think that saying only works in German, but we're not sure.)

Music by The Fish Who Saved the Planet, Dennis Schulz, Chris Zabriskie, Frederic Chopin played by Zuzana Šimurdová. Final song: fasan - The Last Watch. Also: a sound effect by Mike Koenig. The Science Pie title is still based on a song by Vienna Ditto. Find all the tracks we used here. Produced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. Photo by Lawrence Murray/flickr (CC-BY).