The curious case of Rudolf Heß

Imagine if Hitler had jumped out of an airplane over Britain and got captured in Glasgow. That didn't happen. But it happened to his deputy, Rudolf Heß. Join us as we dive into the strange and twisted story of Heß' caption alongside Durham University historian Jo Fox. We investigate what the curious case of Rudolf Heß can tell us about possible distinctions between democratic and totalitarian propaganda. Should we make a distinction between these at all? And what about rumours?

Music by Ian Alex Mac, Health and Beauty, Sergei Rachmaninoff played by Vadim Chaimovich, Chris Zabriskie, Little Glass Men, Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet, Louis Lefébure-Wély played by Markus Staab, Maurice Ravel played by Luís Sarro, Edvard Grieg played by Edward Rosser, Franz Liszt played by Maurio Tortorelli and Constantin Catena, and sounds recorded by Mike Koenig. As always, you can find all the tracks we used here.